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The SongwritingWith:Soldiers catalog is a vital, growing collection of stories from contemporary military life in our country. Every song is a collaboration between a professional songwriter and a participant at our retreats.

The stories are varied. Often difficult. Always honest. Whether about combat and loss or the challenge and strength of keeping families close during and after deployment, the cathartic joy of releasing the stories through song is boundless. To do so through collaboration with a civilian is revealing—and transformative.

Sharing the songs is an important part of the SW:S outreach. We know that 81% of active-duty service members feel like the American people don’t understand the sacrifices they make.

*Source: Blue Star Families’ 2021 Military Family Lifestyle Survey

Browse the music library below or go to the Song Search page. You can name your price when downloading songs and albums, knowing that all purchases are tax-deductible donations to SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

I Drive

Gary Burr / Kevin Clay

Written at a 2015 retreat outside of Belton, TX., Songwriting Hall of Fame member Gary Burr and turned Army veteran Kevin Clay’s story of driving trucks in Iraq into a song that looks at the bigger meaning behind everyday actions.

Video produced by James Monk for Mercy Lamp Productions.