“This profoundly changed my life and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was. I guess maybe just knowing that I could express myself in a way that’s musical, or you know, just taking that layer of sludge off the top…and that just wears it down until you’re able to function more…I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for SongwritingWith:Soldiers.”
— Michelle Roberts, US Army

You may remember Michelle Roberts from our previous Reflections book, how she wrote “Five Reasons” with Bonnie Bishop and found a renewed appreciation for life at our 2018 Colorado retreat.

In 2019, Michelle returned to our retreat at the Heart-J Center with her new husband, Army Veteran Corey Roberts, who she nudged to attend, knowing his love of music and need for more connections.

In November of 2020, Michelle returned again, this time as a featured guest on our “Creatively Strong” online interview series. Michelle inspired us again as she described how the retreat fueled her confidence and sparked a passion to serve others in a creative, productive way, which has led to she and Cory starting a real estate business that serves veterans. “We know the specific needs and obstacles. It feels so good to create these win/win connections.” When not busy with business or family, Michelle practices her guitar lessons and jams with Corey. She beams when talking about his talents.

Michelle and Corey’s journey beautifully exemplifies our mission – to use collaborative songwriting to build creativity, connections and strengths. We salute their courage, determination and continued willingness to grow creatively, together. As we know, the possibilities are endless!

Michelle and Corey Roberts in Colorado in 2019. Photo: Bill Albrecht.