Our story is simple.

One day in 2012, Darden Smith wrote a song with a veteran. The connection was so strong that he thought, What if I got more songwriters to do this?

On that same day, Mary Judd watched them work together and recognized the impact of helping veterans transform their stories into songs. She thought, What if I designed a program around these songwriting sessions?

Today, the lives of hundreds of veterans, military families, songwriters, volunteers, and countless others around the world have been changed by SongwritingWith:Soldiers

Now we have an opportunity to AMPLIFY our impact and change more lives.
A day of giving dedicated to Austin-based nonprofits.
March 8, 6:00 PM – March 9, 6:00 PM (CT)
24 hours to visit our Amplify SongwritingWith:Soldiers page and make a donation!

What if we all
to contribute what we can?
What could we achieve in ONE DAY?
Let’s find out what’s POSSIBLE!

SongwritingWith:Soldiers is based in Austin, yet our retreats and music extend far beyond, across the nation. “This was the best experience of my life! I recommend this program to all veterans who were in combat. I would do this again and again. Thank you for your time and service to veterans! AWESOME!” (SW:S Veteran, Feb 2016) 

How do we make this happen?
  • Save the Date & Give!
  • Email your networks of family, friends, co-workers!
  • Spread the word via Social Media!
  • Don’t want to wait until March 8th to give? Preschedule your donation now!
  • Contact us with questions.